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Summer 2021 Camps

Camps will look slightly different this year! 

We are offering week-long, client-hosted camps to pods of 3 to 6 students!
Please make sure you have a group of at least 3 kids before requesting an Art Camp booking.
Students must be within a year and a half age range.

"What I appreciated most about this camp was it approached art not as just as projects and techniques, but a process."

- Mom from Art Camp 2019

Hello! Are you new here?

We are based in Colorado, and you can find us doing art out and around the Denver and Boulder metro areas. We are a small, family owned business that does illustration, children's books and creative content over at Chirp and Moo and digital art direction (such as website and graphic design) over at The Matrix Sherpa.

What we REALLY LOVE is our camps for kids! We lead week-long camps during Spring/Fall/Winter Breaks as well as one day camps throughout the school year. (You know, on those days that banks and schools are closed, but parents still have to go to work?) Join our mailing list below for updates, early access and discounts!